Restaurant Management System Branch Base:

Recipe costing management system

Recipe costing used to frequently be done by hand, which required manual calculations that were time consuming and prone to error. However, with new recipe costing software, you can leverage standardized recipes, up-to-date vendor price lists, and an ingredient cost database to automatically make calculations. (If you don’t have recipe costing software, try our free recipe cost calculator by clicking on the banner above or scrolling down to the bottom of this blog post.)

  • KOT management system

KOT Management Software has this unique feature ‘Kitchen Order Ticketing once customer’s order their food on the tablet provided to them. The list of food items ordered is displayed on a huge screen in the kitchen. This eliminates the need to pin the paper on the kitchen counter, which was earlier used by KOT software for restaurants, and avoids wastage of time.

  1. Home delivery MS

The heart of the entire ordering system is the Database. Currently the system is only available for small scale restaurants. For Large restaurants, performance considerations should be taken into account in terms of Hardware/Software capacity/Page load time etc. Also, security vulnerabilities should be evaluated for large scale systems. In future this can also be available as a Mobile application and can be integrated

  1. Point of Sale (POS)

A restaurant management system is a collective term for software that helps streamline food business operations. Namely, restaurants, bars, bakeries, cafes, cloud (dark, virtual, ghost) kitchens, food trucks or delivery businesses.

  1. Inventory Management System

The inventory management system lets you stock up on critical ingredients by alerting you before they run out. Imagine the impact on sales, if let’s say you run out of the main ingredient during busy dinner service? This could seriously hamper sales. With inventory management, you can also measure ingredients as you consume them.

  • Accounts Management System

Your restaurant finances and accounting software should help you determine the Cost of goods sold (COGS), track sales and profits and help you manage your taxes. And there is simply no one-size-fits-all approach to this. Every company has their own requirements. We recommend an integration with specialized accounting software for this one. One that has all the features you need to ensure your money matters are correctly handled.

  1. Payroll Management System device configuration

A payroll system is adopted by the employer to process payment of salaries of the employees… there are various kinds of payroll system, one is an automated disbursement facility that enables fund transfers from the employer's bank account to various individual accounts of the employees. Under this system, the employer need to maintain an account which should be sufficiently funded to cover payroll amount of the employees, including the payroll processing fee, upon transmission of the payroll file.